WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting Guide

So what is WordPress Hosting you may ask? WordPress Hosting is a form of web hosting service that integrates WordPress into itself. This means that websites are a lot easier to build for beginners and often managed support is provided.

WordPress Hosting – The Basics

This form of hosting can include the installation of templates as well as programmes that are provided by WordPress. As well as basic WordPress hosting there is also managed and shared WordPress hosting. Basic WordPress packages can help to introduce users unfamiliar with web design into web design through WordPress. Word-presses layout has easy to use features and guides users through website and post creation.

WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed Hosting is a form of web hosting which can be made available to web hosting users. Through this form of hosting users are offered a number unique features such as:

  • Faster load times and page navigation- Managed hosting offers better programmes and software to allow for more efficient navigation
  • Better security and protection – Antivirus software and other forms of security to protect users websites and data
  • Managed hosting offers a 24-7 support service whereby and questions or queries relating to the site or how it is made can be answered by experienced support staff.
  • This form of hosting can also offer a feature whereby you can make changes to your site and updates without having to make the site go fully online

Shared WordPress Hosting

This shared form of hosting is when your site shares a server with other websites. Share hosting is typically the cheapest option when it comes to web hosting . Shared hosting also has support service as standard but when it comes to updates of the site and performance improvements that is down to the site owner rather than the hosting company as it is not managed hosting.

What Effect Has Web Hosting Had On Gaming?

Within the gaming industry there is huge demand for web hosting for different games servers. With the rise of popular games such as fortnite and minecraft the gaming world has a large demand for online servers which can be used by gamers. Popularity has risen since the use of private servers in games such as battlefield 4 in which gamers could rent their own servers and customise their games. This gave gamers a new level of control on their matches and how they could customise them online.

As a result of this in addition to WordPress hosting which is more tailored towards bloggers and those wishing to start a website many companies have begun hosting services but tailored towards the Gaming industry. In the future more web hosting servers for gamers could widen the gaming community and prospects for even bigger and more inclusive games.

Overall Conclusions About Webhosting

To summarise it can be said that webhosting has an important influence both commercially and for recreational purposes in the gaming and online community markets. This is a fast and changing industry and is likely to increase in size in the future and find new ways of hosting sites.