Video Game Addiction and Depression in Kids

Video game addiction has been blamed for the rising cases of depression and other stress related health conditions in kids. This is an addiction just like addiction to drugs and gambling and should be treated with equal importance. Video game addiction develops over time with over indulgence and children risks loosing their social lives which is what results in the depression and anxiety.

Research conducted over the years has shown that kids who have introvert traits tend to fall into this problem more compared to their extrovert counterparts. This is because they find comfort when they are alone and so the introduction of video games gave them an opportunity to have fun in the comfort of their homes.

It is still not very clear what comes first, but psychologists believe that the relationship between video game addiction and depression can be both way, such that each can cause the other. Normal kids who have been allowed to over indulge in video games end up getting addicted and within no time start exhibiting anxiety behaviors.

It has also been proven that kids with depression brought about by other causes such as family conflicts, bullying or generally low self esteem usually resort to video games and with time it becomes an addiction which causes more depression and the cycle continues. For more info on curing anxiety, see some panic away reviews here.

Research conducted in schools indicates that it is possible to point out kids who spend their time playing video games from those who engage in interactive activities. Kids who play video games have low levels of concentration in class and they rarely participate. It is believed that video games have a way of occupying kids’ minds and since their brains are still not mature, they might not be able to strike a balance, hence causing the addiction. It is therefore important for parents and caregivers to train kids to balance their activities as this will save them from having to deal with depression at such early stages of life.