Using Cheap WordPress Hosting For Gaming Blogs

Running a gaming blog isn’t actually as easy as it might seem. Around this I have to juggle my job , social life and also gaming time! but alas it is all good fun. One of the ways in which I can manage to balance all of these things is through the use of cheap WordPress hosting. Through this article ill talk through what exactly it is , how it works and other cool stuff I use to make sure this Blog stays the best it can be!


First off is WordPress. WordPress is basically a form of open source software which can be used to publish blogs as well as make websites and online forums. It also happens to be what I use to run this Blog! WordPress is currently one of the most popular if not the most popular website builder on the internet. It has tens of millions of downloads and over 30% of the internet use WordPress to customise and design their websites. What I like about WordPress is that there are thousands of different plugins and designs that you can use for free to design and customise your website. In addition to this its easy to find a nice variety of cheap WordPress hosting packages online to suit your individual needs.

cheap WordPress hosting

Cheap WordPress Hosting

Cheap WordPress hosting is probably one of the favourite features of my site! having a hosting service allows me to free up time for other activities and focus on mini projects as well as things outside of gaming. This is just one of the many perks I enjoy thanks to the use of cheap WordPress hosting. Another benefit which is provided by my WordPress hosting provider is enhanced security. Unfortunately from being on the internet for a fairly long time , I know well the risks that come with having a website and the vulnerabilities that hackers will relentlessly try to exploit. Having a WordPress hosting service active gives me better protection and security to leave me safe in the knowledge that my site is secure. If you are unsure of which hosting provider to use a website I found helpful was hosting watcher

cheap WordPress hosting

Making The Best Possible Website

So this brings me on to what I think makes the best possible website. Of course as we all know there is no set formula for what makes the best possible website otherwise all sites would be amazing! However Im going to do my best to give you some tips that have really helped out the site that I run. One of the most important and fundamental things that you should consider improving when working on your website is known as search engine optimisation a.k.a SEO.

SEO has a lot of different techniques that you can use but it is important to understand the basics first. SEO is what allows you to appear first in the search results on search engines. In order to improve your overall SEO a good method which I employed is link building. This involved building links through blogs , articles and other website which will link back to your website. This will improve your overall visibility and allow you to rank higher online.