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Here are some Tips we’ve got so far for several games across a number of different platforms.

Call Of Duty 4

If you want to get some of the best trophies in Call Of Duty 4 no matter what the platform its gonna cost you blood sweat and tears. Call Of Duty 4 or COD4 for short is probably by far one of the most entertaining and challenging first person shooter games I have played. Thanks to some submissions and some of my own gameplay I’ve come up with a little list of tips to help you master this game both online and offline. This Post was made by me and also from info from phoneixmaster 9756


Single player is awesome in COD4 from the characters to the storyline. I won’t put in any spoilers 😀

  • Use cover as much as possible. Yeah, I know this may seem obvious but if you’re used to playing on a lower difficulty and rampaging across the map Rambo style hip firing your sniper and making decent progress then you need to change your tempo. Veteran difficulty is a totally different ball game. Cover is essential to ensure you are not throwing your controller across the room after being killed multiple times at some point before progressing to an objective
  • Checkpoints are vital. Try and find out where checkpoints happen and play accordingly
  • Use plenty of stuns and grenades when enemies are tightly packed to help you clear out areas faster and more effectively
  • Look at other guides online, there are a number of guides that break down COD4 mission by mission and go in depth as to what to do


Online has been and always will be one of the most fun parts of COD4. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to online gameplay and how to be the best. It will inevitably difficult at first but hopefully this guide should help you get off to a decent start!

  • Killstreaks- These are what help you chain kills in this game and a nice feature that rewards you for getting a number of kills without dying. In order to Maximise your kill count its best to use cover and find an area with plenty of visibility.
  • Try and use a variety of different weapons in order to get a grasp of how you perform online. Personally, I’d always recommend starting with the trusty m16 this assault rifle is normally a one burst kill providing you hit your shots on target

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