Tips for Storing Video Games with Self Storage Kirkintilloch

Temperature Control and Weatherproof

When opting for self storage in Kirkintilloch to store your video games, it’s essential to ensure that the containers that you will be using are temperature controlled and weather proofed. You may not think this matters too much but excessive hot and cold temperatures can damage electronics. Weatherproofing will also help ensure that no water or damp gets into the self storage unit, which can also cause major damage. You may be able to check the manufacturers recommendations on the ideal storage temperature to help you out.

Organise Chords

When putting video games and consoles into self storage in Kirkintilloch it’s important to ensure that everything is properly packed and stored. There is nothing worse than losing something, such as a chord for a controller or console. Ensuring that everything is packed into the right box prior to opting for self storage in Kirkintilloch is a sure fire way of helping ensure that you stay organised.


It’s essential to keep in mind that your gaming equipment may not be the only thing in your storage unit. It cannot always be helped and even the best self storage facilities may run into issues like this once in a while. The best way to ensure that no pests of any kind come into contact with your precious equipment is so ensure that there are absolutely no food products in any of the boxes and this can include something as tiny as crumbs! One of the best ways of preventing pests is to use a plastic container, rather than cardboard boxes and make sure that the lid is fitted.

Avoid Scratching Disks

Due to all the moving about, it is important to maintain the integrity of your disks and help ensure that they don’t get scratched in transit. The best way to do this is to ensure that all disks are kept in their original case, where possible. If when getting things ready for self storage in Kirkintilloch you realise that you are missing some of the original casing, don’t worry, there are a few things that you can do. You can either buy empty DVD cases or buy a folder with sleeves specially designed to hold disks. No matter what your budget, you can find a solution that works for you.

Clear Out Carefully

When clearing out anything, it’s important to carefully check what you are throwing out and what you are keeping. Especially with video game consoles and accessories – you don’t want to end up throwing out something that you may end up needing.

You may also need to be brutal with your choices of what you are keeping and what you are throwing out. Self storage in Kirkintilloch is generally priced by the size of storage container – as well as length of use. But you don’t want to end up paying over the odds if realistically you may not use some items again or if some items are worthless.