Use and Features of a Power Stacker Lift for Video Game Distribution

There are no two industries the same, despite this, there are many industries that can benefit from the same equipment. The distribution industry can benefit from many different types of handling equipment and vehicles to help get the job done quickly and more efficiently. There are many different branches of the distribution industry, including video game distribution. This article will tell you the uses and features of a power stacker lift for this particular type of work.


There are many advantages of using a power stacker lift in the video game distribution industry. 

No Licence Required

Operators of a power stacker lift do not need a licence to operate them, although, for health and safety reasons everyone who operates any type of machinery should be fully trained and supervised. All the controls and safety precautions should be known and taken into consideration before use.

Low Costs

The initial cost of buying a power stacker lift is low compared to other types of handling equipment. Not only is the upfront cost of a power stacker lift reasonable but if you opt for an electric version they also have low running costs, in comparison to diesel, LPG and CNG.

No Pollution

Power stacker lifts don’t produce certain types of pollution; such as exhaust pollution, fumes and noise. They use a low amount of energy, producing less carbon emissions than other types of equipment.


If your workspace is small and compact, it can be difficult to move large pieces of machinery around, due to this, having machinery that is either compact or manoeuvrable is essential. A power stacker lift comes with the advantage of being both and giving you the ability to work in a smaller space with ease and without needing to worry.

Better Operator Visibility

Power stackers are a smaller in comparison to other types of handling equipment, this allows operators to have more visual awareness when operating. They can see every part of the vehicle and are able to control it more efficiently.

power stacker lift

The Future of Video Game Distribution

 Many are unsure of the future of video game distribution and for good reason. We have seen CD’s and DVD’s both replaced largely by online sources and we could see video games make this shift soon. This could impact the industry to a great degree but we’ll just need to wait and see what happens.

Lips For Xbox 360 – Taking Games To A Higher Platform

Lips for Xbox 360, is a music franchise exclusively for Xbox 360, is the only singing game that provides wireless motion-sensitive microphones. Taking a complete new stage with Lips, give you the opportunity to sing your favorite music collection for free. Kick off channeling you favored pop star because it is you, your pals and most essential your music that transforms Lips into the eventual party experience and the capability to sing from your own music collection. Providing interactive motion-sensitive microphones to ensure your party remains lively throughout the night, while Lips inspires you to toss trepidations out the window and join the party.


Two wireless interactive microphones

Featuring interactive motion lights and sensors, the microphones retort to singers’ actions. It can also be used as tapping accompaniments. With the encouragement and freedom offered by the wireless microphones, everybody can realize their singing visions in style.

The best music

Lips embrace a diverse selection of songs, comprising your favored blasts from the past as well as new songs from breakout stars. This enables you to link your past with your present; a wonderful feeling indeed.

Sing your music collection

Lips permits individuals to sing along with pals to music from their own collections.

Play along

Having an ordinary Xbox 360 controller, it enables even two people to join the fun and select from a variety of percussion accompaniment to enjoy playing their game along with the music from Lips. By engaging controls of numerous claps, tambourines, and the ubiquitous cowbell at your fingertips with a controller, create a social entertainment experience for co-workers, kids and friends alike.

Constant flow of new music

The Lips fo Xbox 360 comes along with music. In addition, you can add your own music collection and download current tracks from Xbox LIVE Marketplace. This guarantees you a continuous flow of music to bring people together and keep the party lively.

WARNING: You ought to have at least the basic singing experience to avoid public embarrassment! But not to worry… Simply checkout this superior singing method reviews here as a perfect combination to Lips.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting Guide

So what is WordPress Hosting you may ask? WordPress Hosting is a form of web hosting service that integrates WordPress into itself. This means that websites are a lot easier to build for beginners and often managed support is provided.

WordPress Hosting – The Basics

This form of hosting can include the installation of templates as well as programmes that are provided by WordPress. As well as basic WordPress hosting there is also managed and shared WordPress hosting. Basic WordPress packages can help to introduce users unfamiliar with web design into web design through WordPress. Word-presses layout has easy to use features and guides users through website and post creation.

WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed Hosting is a form of web hosting which can be made available to web hosting users. Through this form of hosting users are offered a number unique features such as:

  • Faster load times and page navigation- Managed hosting offers better programmes and software to allow for more efficient navigation
  • Better security and protection – Antivirus software and other forms of security to protect users websites and data
  • Managed hosting offers a 24-7 support service whereby and questions or queries relating to the site or how it is made can be answered by experienced support staff.
  • This form of hosting can also offer a feature whereby you can make changes to your site and updates without having to make the site go fully online

Shared WordPress Hosting

This shared form of hosting is when your site shares a server with other websites. Share hosting is typically the cheapest option when it comes to web hosting . Shared hosting also has support service as standard but when it comes to updates of the site and performance improvements that is down to the site owner rather than the hosting company as it is not managed hosting.

What Effect Has Web Hosting Had On Gaming?

Within the gaming industry there is huge demand for web hosting for different games servers. With the rise of popular games such as fortnite and minecraft the gaming world has a large demand for online servers which can be used by gamers. Popularity has risen since the use of private servers in games such as battlefield 4 in which gamers could rent their own servers and customise their games. This gave gamers a new level of control on their matches and how they could customise them online.

As a result of this in addition to WordPress hosting which is more tailored towards bloggers and those wishing to start a website many companies have begun hosting services but tailored towards the Gaming industry. In the future more web hosting servers for gamers could widen the gaming community and prospects for even bigger and more inclusive games.

Overall Conclusions About Webhosting

To summarise it can be said that webhosting has an important influence both commercially and for recreational purposes in the gaming and online community markets. This is a fast and changing industry and is likely to increase in size in the future and find new ways of hosting sites.

Video Game Addiction and Depression in Kids

Video game addiction has been blamed for the rising cases of depression and other stress related health conditions in kids. This is an addiction just like addiction to drugs and gambling and should be treated with equal importance. Video game addiction develops over time with over indulgence and children risks loosing their social lives which is what results in the depression and anxiety.

Research conducted over the years has shown that kids who have introvert traits tend to fall into this problem more compared to their extrovert counterparts. This is because they find comfort when they are alone and so the introduction of video games gave them an opportunity to have fun in the comfort of their homes.

It is still not very clear what comes first, but psychologists believe that the relationship between video game addiction and depression can be both way, such that each can cause the other. Normal kids who have been allowed to over indulge in video games end up getting addicted and within no time start exhibiting anxiety behaviors.

It has also been proven that kids with depression brought about by other causes such as family conflicts, bullying or generally low self esteem usually resort to video games and with time it becomes an addiction which causes more depression and the cycle continues. For more info on curing anxiety, see some panic away reviews here.

Research conducted in schools indicates that it is possible to point out kids who spend their time playing video games from those who engage in interactive activities. Kids who play video games have low levels of concentration in class and they rarely participate. It is believed that video games have a way of occupying kids’ minds and since their brains are still not mature, they might not be able to strike a balance, hence causing the addiction. It is therefore important for parents and caregivers to train kids to balance their activities as this will save them from having to deal with depression at such early stages of life.

cdisc adam

Gaming Creators Are Using Cdisc ADaM To Improve Experience

The video game industry has blown up in the last ten to twenty years. With technology improvements making it easier for game creators to invent a virtual universe that players can immerse themselves in. In order to improve upon the games, it is no secret that the marketers and creators gather data and feedback from consumers.

Here is how gaming creators are using cdisc adam to capture relevant data to improve upon user experience.

Target Marketing

The number one rule if you want to maximise sales and profits – segment your market and target your product to those who will be willing and wanting to purchase. Most games are targeted to children and young adults and the majority of players are male aged 8-28. You can use cdisc adam data set to collect all the data in a readable format. It ensure you make the correct decisions, create the correct strategies and therefore produce and excellent product, or game in this instance.

cdisc adam

In-Game Marketing

Video games are immersive and addictive to those who play them. The amount of time and detail it has taken to create these games which allows players to enter into an entire universe. In-game marketing began when advertisers recognised they could place adverts or products within the game, whether that is a car, clothing or food brand. The brands can pay a fee to the game company to include their product within the virtual world.

Marketers can then use the data gathered from how engaged gamers are with their brand.

In-Game Data Collection

Video Game creators now install a cookie on live play games that allows cdisc adam data set to collect data that shows, how long the gamer is playing, what time they are playing, what are they engaging with the most in the game and if and how many other players there playing with. They can also determine the location of the player and sometimes the age of the player. This means that creators can analyse these statistics and improve upon marketing tactics, price promotions, where to sell the game and what demographic to sell to. This ensure that they maximise potential profits and reduce wasted costs.

IT Companies In Glasgow

What Challenges Do IT Companies In Glasgow Face?

The online world is a complex and ever changing platform that is constantly leading to new innovations in technology as well as changes to more traditional methods of doing certain tasks. It Companies In Glasgow face a number of different issues which we’ll look at it. From anything from adapting to new technologies , financial issues and also supply and demand

It Companies In Glasgow – Competition

In terms of IT support there is plenty of choices for businesses looking for support relating to computing or IT within Glasgow City there are a large number of IT companies competing for top spot. This can lead to market saturation which can mean that customers are likely to be drawn towards deals or offers and there will be less of a market share available.

IT Companies In Glasgow

Changing Financial Situations

Across the United Kingdom IT companies are struggling with lack of demand in some areas. This is due to the sheer magnitude of issues they face in the market and business pressures. Recently a number of smaller and high profile firms have had to make large scale redundancies of staff. This has occurred simply because traditional smaller IT support companies are going up against bigger firms from abroad that can outsource work required by UK businesses. In addition to this economic and political issues such as the Global recession and Brexit have caused a number of IT Firms In Glasgow and nearby areas to seriously consider their position and how they can continue their business.

Demand For IT In The Gaming Industry

Within the Gaming Industry there is fairly high demand for high performance IT equipment designed for gaming. As gaming has evolved over the years so to has the platforms games are played on. Gaming originated on the likes of arcade machines and Nintendo 64s. Gaming is now more popular than ever on computers and as the spec of computers increase in storage and processing power as well as graphics so to do the games that can be played on them. Many gamers believe that PCs are superior to other platforms for gaming such as mobiles, consoles or tablets leading to the widely coined and controversial phrase “PC master race” Many companies struggle to meet the demand for such specialised machines and as such could be losing out on a fairly untapped market. There could be a gap in the market for gaming computers that are more affordable as current existing gaming computers retail often into four figures.

IT Companies In Glasgow

How Can It Companies In Glasgow Overcome These Challenges

In order to overcome these challenges , IT Companies In Glasgow need to be thorough in their methods of investigation and research as to why they may be struggling financially or with their performance. Embracing change is a crucial way in which IT companies in Glasgow can help their business survive and adapt. This means adopting new technologies as well investing in staff and infrastructure.

IT companies can gain publicity about their brand by speaking with local schools and businesses and potentially running free mini training courses on IT and how it works. This would help the IT company meet community values as well as increasing exposure for the brand and the services available. In addition to this adopting this approach could lead to a lead for the business shortly after the course.

My Final Fantasy

In this post I would like to discuss with you an all time favorite title of my own. As many of my readers know I have been a Final Fantasy nerd for a long time. Ever since I first saw Setzer spin his slot machine in 1994 I was enthralled by this storyline. And from the beginning of the series a great plot and story line were key to these titles. Even when graphics were something to be taken with a grain of salt, Final Fantasy had some of the most amazing story lines you could think of. And then by the time of Super Nintendo when graphics could at least be a little bit better, square soft created an absolute master piece. Moving story line, moving characters, exciting plot twists and even an excellent music score to top it off. I still love listening to the piano introduction of Final Fantasy Six.


And then Final Fantasy Seven came along 3 years later to the then fresh new console of the Play Station (click here to see history of consoles) and many new fans were hooked as well. People debate which game was better six or seven. The graphics were of course undoubtedly better, and I would say the storyline is just as dynamic as its predecessor. There aren’t supposed to be any repeats in the Final Fantasy world. That was one of the things that were so intriguing about the whole series. They would always start fresh, with new characters, a whole new world really, to build up a completely different plot line. The only continuation would be slightly similar themes and the same familiar attack and item styles.

This freshness was usually a trademark of the series and any real sequel to a Final Fantasy title was seriously frowned upon. That is until we had Final Fantasy X-2 for the Play Station 2. This game title brought out all of the worst fears in what it would mean to make a sequel in the Final Fantasy world. Final Fantasy Ten (X) was of course a blockbuster success, one of the best ever made, in the same kind of ranking as 6 and 7. So this was probably one of the worst titles to make a sequel to in my opinion. Because Final Fantasy ten was so good that anything that came afterwards as a direct sequel would seem lacking and just not quite as dynamic. And in this area, Final Fantasy X-2 did not disappoint. Final Fantasy X-2 at this point is almost guaranteed to go down as one of the worst games ever made. I don’t know what they were thinking or trying to do when they came up with this one, but basically they took all the beloved main characters of Final Fantasy Ten and either completely cut them out or made them goofy side characters that you could not actually play. I realize that Final Fantasy X-2 was most likely an attempt to gain a younger audience to the franchise with it’s more lighthearted plot, but it just fell completely flat.

After this unpopular sequel, it was like the Final Fantasy spell had been broken for a bit and even after they tried to regroup back to the classic formula with Final Fantasy Eleven it was almost too late. Final Fantasy Eleven was a good game but it was not great. It was missing several key components of the Final Fantasy series. The same can be said for Twelve and beyond. Ever since unlucky Thirteen hit the store shelves Final Fantasy really just seems to be losing its way. I suppose that everything gets old after a while, even the great strategy of starting every game fresh has gotten old for the makers of Final Fantasy. So is the dream, the fantasy really over?

No. I don’t think so. They developers of this title need to just take a break and revaluate what they can do with this series. Most importantly I think that for future titles they need to readjust what they can do with newer consoles and systems. Because one thing I really feel is that after play station 2, the makers of the Final Fantasy series really started to hit a brick wall. That’s why Final Fantasy for Play Station Four is almost unmentionable now.

So they need to go back to the drawing board and revamp this series, taking all of these new factors into account. Then maybe after hiding under the rocks of the gaming industry we can see once again Setzer spinning his slot machine and this time for the luck of the whole Final Fantasy series and the future of great RPG’s in general.

Captain Nintendo, Where is he Now?

I love classic nostalgia, especially when it comes to gaming. Recently when I was surfing through YouTube I came across a really classic. Does anyone remember Captain Nintendo? The whole premise is so hilarious. The dude was playing his Nintendo when he gets sucked into the TV screen and arrives in what they call, “Game Land”. Once there he is greeted by characters from classic games like Mega Man, Kid Icarus and Castlevania. One thing I always wondered about that show is why they never had Super Mario, maybe he was too goofy even for that goofy show? Anyway the video brought back some memories. I found the goons led by the evil mother brain from metroid to be fairly disturbing though. The boxer villain guy seems like he needs to where a bra!

This episode was cool though the Mother Brain goons were trying to steal Zelda’s Tri Force and had hatched a plot to trick the denizens of the game kingdom into going to a party. A party that of course invites Link and Zelda so that the High Rule thrown room would be unoccupied and safe for their grand theft tri-force. So the villains want to beat Ganon to the punch and start their evil agenda.

The plots in this piece are pretty hair-brained and goofy but what really cracks me up the most are the voices, especially those of mother brain and her henchmen. What the heck happened to mother brain anyway? Whenever I played Metroid the mother brain was a scary alien bio organism that spread its larvae. It was an insect like organism that did not speak, it especially wouldn’t have a voice like is displayed in this cartoon! So this show gave up some pretty goofy personas and characterization of classic Nintendo characters. I found this pretty interesting to see.

Defunct and Deceased Games

Have you ever wondered why one console or video game title succeeds and then another one is destined for failure? Why is it when Atari created its ET title it was destined for a literal resting place in the garbage bins of history? In this Post I explore these questions and try to discern the variables required in making a classic and a tragic piece of gaming history.



(Click on image for the history of Video Game consoles)

Well like I mentioned in the above paragraph. What the heck happened to ET? That is a great example of a flop. ET was a blockbuster movie in the 1980’s so everyone thought that anything the little alien guy would be involved in would be a smash success as well. But alas, this was just not destined to be the case. The games graphics itself were very ugly, even for the days of Atari they were just extremely bad.

The plot was awful too, it consisted of ET going through various pits in search of pieces of a telephone so he could phone home. And apparently as he dropped down and then attempted to levitate out of the pit he would get weaker, and what did ET need to get stronger again to beat the game? Well, Reeces Pieces of course! This blatant commercialism was bad even for the 1980’s

Another big problem that Atari had for this title was that when they released it over the Christmas season of 1982 they had way over estimated how many would be sold. As a result they manufactured way to many copies of the title and even though the game did well initially that Christmas, it soon became clear they simply had way too many copies and nobody was going to buy them! So this led to one of the most embarrassing instances in gaming history. The biggest game console of the day, found themselves with no choice but to throw the copies away. Apparently they thought the game was so bad they couldn’t even give them to needy children, they just had to bury it!

So the death of ET was a combination of horrible graphics, bad plot, and even worse marketing. So many bad factors went against the poor extra terrestrial that even his blockbuster movie could not save his video game debut.

So that was a great flop of a video game, but what open entire consoles that flopped? Here’s a good example. Does anyone remember the Virtual Boy? Yes, don’t you remember how virtual reality had arrived in 1997? Nintendo’s commercials for the product seemed amazing. I remember seeing them at 13 years old and thinking it really was some breakthrough in Virtual Reality. Needless to say that Christmas when I received the product I was very confused. First of all it was very cumbersome to put up, a heavy apparatus you wrap around your eyes placed on a flimsy tripod. Then when I loaded the game I wanted to cry. I was expecting virtual reality, the first thing I wondered is why everything was red, no other color, and then why do the graphics look worse than my Super Nintendo?

After about ten minutes I started to have a headache. Then in my sickened and disappointed state I discovered various warnings and disclaimers that prolonged play could really hurt your eyes or worse.

So these are the ways that games and their consoles become quickly extinct. Games that have no plot, horrible graphics and no marketing capability quickly flop as do gaming consoles that false advertise their capability and are detrimental to your health!