Lips For Xbox 360 – Taking Games To A Higher Platform

Lips for Xbox 360, is a music franchise exclusively for Xbox 360, is the only singing game that provides wireless motion-sensitive microphones. Taking a complete new stage with Lips, give you the opportunity to sing your favorite music collection for free. Kick off channeling you favored pop star because it is you, your pals and most essential your music that transforms Lips into the eventual party experience and the capability to sing from your own music collection. Providing interactive motion-sensitive microphones to ensure your party remains lively throughout the night, while Lips inspires you to toss trepidations out the window and join the party.


Two wireless interactive microphones

Featuring interactive motion lights and sensors, the microphones retort to singers’ actions. It can also be used as tapping accompaniments. With the encouragement and freedom offered by the wireless microphones, everybody can realize their singing visions in style.

The best music

Lips embrace a diverse selection of songs, comprising your favored blasts from the past as well as new songs from breakout stars. This enables you to link your past with your present; a wonderful feeling indeed.

Sing your music collection

Lips permits individuals to sing along with pals to music from their own collections.

Play along

Having an ordinary Xbox 360 controller, it enables even two people to join the fun and select from a variety of percussion accompaniment to enjoy playing their game along with the music from Lips. By engaging controls of numerous claps, tambourines, and the ubiquitous cowbell at your fingertips with a controller, create a social entertainment experience for co-workers, kids and friends alike.

Constant flow of new music

The Lips fo Xbox 360 comes along with music. In addition, you can add your own music collection and download current tracks from Xbox LIVE Marketplace. This guarantees you a continuous flow of music to bring people together and keep the party lively.

WARNING: You ought to have at least the basic singing experience to avoid public embarrassment! But not to worry… Simply checkout this superior singing method reviews here as a perfect combination to Lips.