basement waterproofing

How I Built The Ultimate Gaming Room With Basement Waterproofing

Are you a serious gamer? Spend your spare time playing on Xbox or PS4 with your friends? Well if you have the space why not turn a room in your bachelor pad into a gaming room for you to hang out with friends or chill out on your own playing your favourite video game. With tips on basement waterproofing, interior design ideas and other tricks to transform your home.

Building Work & Basement Waterproofing

At first we got some electricians, plasterers and other maintenance building workers in to prepare the room. In my home the gaming room will be in my unused basement. We sometimes suffer from flooding problems so we hired Richardson & Starling to carry out some basement waterproofing to not only protect the room from flooding damage but also prevent potential fires – as there will be lots of cables and plug points.

Then some electricians came in and fitted more plug sockets around the room as well as fitting spot lights in the ceiling.

Plasterers were then hired to plaster up damage and holes in the wall as well as hide any hanging cables for safety and aesthetic reasons.

basement waterproofing

Interior Design Ideas

Once the building work was finished we were able to have creative freedom of design. We wanted the basement to look dark and cosy – the perfect environment for playing Fifa. The walls and ceiling were painted dark navy blue with dark coffee coloured wood flooring (easier to clean). We also bought a large dark brown leather couch as well as two lazy boy chairs for the ultimate comfort.

basement waterproofing

The Finishing Touches

Here is all the extra bits and bobs we purchased for the new gaming room:

  • Fridge: well we needed somewhere convenient to keep the beer and snacks
  • Lazy boy: have you seen Friends? Those comfy chairs that Joey & Chandler buy to watch TV – yeah we bought those!
  • Music speakers: because music solves everybody’s problems
  • 50″ LED Screen: a big TV for a big boys room
  • PS4 with extra controllers and head set: because this is where I can entertain friends as well as enjoy on my own
  • Pool Table & Darts board: because sometimes we need a break from gaming

The Big Reveal

After 8 long weeks, the room was finished! We decided to celebrate with the only way we know how – GAMING PARTY!!

I invited all my closest friends over to the new den, we drank beer, listened to music, talked about the premier league and obviously..we gamed!