Gamerfied Workshops


Next Monday we will be having our annual GameOff! Challenge! In this competition the winner will be the last gamer to turn their game off! To participate simply go online on and acceptable gaming console and start playing one of the recommended games, and that’s it, just keep playing! Oh how we love encouraging people to sit on the couch here at game fan! Whoever wins this marathon of gaming will receive free tickets to GenCom!

As well As the much anticipated annual Gameoff we also run a variety of e-sports competitions and gaming workshops throughout the calendar year. Our gaming workshops have popped up at venues across the US and we normally announce these on our homepage.

Don’t miss out on our monthly E-sports competition. We run these every month and the winners can win anything from limited edition consoles to gift cards , trading cards and cash prizes. Previous games we have had competitions on have included – Crash bandicoot , Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 , Forza Motorsport 3 and Super Mario Bros.

In each game we set specific challenges to complete within game each increasing in difficulty and with a smaller time limit as more challenges are completed. This gets players through to the qualifying rounds. At this stage players play in several online lobbies and can form teams.  The Final stage after this is the knockout rounds where the final fifty players battle for survival and the victor is the player with the most points over the competition by the end.

We want to hear new suggestions for games to play in competitions as well as any feedback you have about our gaming workshops. Please get in touch with us using the contact page on our site. We are also planning on a wall of fame page in the near future with listings of high scores on different games. If you would like to register your interest please leave your name or nickname along with your gamer tag via an email alongside the game you would like to feature. 

We are always looking for gaming reps to help promote our website and community at gaming events. If you have a savvy knowledge of gaming , an eye for detail and desire to travel then please do get in touch via our contact page

Our Gaming workshops allow people from different gaming communities to come together at events meet each other and find out about news and events related to gaming which may interest them. Through these workshops are community has been growing steadily and we love meeting you guys!

As well as competitions its important to have downtime when gaming. We encourage user based submissions of gameplay walkthroughs as well as commentary based videos for different game types. The best ones can get a shout out via our social media and be featured on the site. However restrictions do apply and any content should be unbiased and feature material that is suitable for the general audience of the site.