Gamer FAQ

    1. What does it mean to be a gamer?

Nice question! Because I think there is a strict delineation between those who just play games and someone who is actually a, “gamer”. A gamer is someone that is in it for life. They started to play Mario when they were in diapers! This dedication is just different from the occasional player.

    1. Do you provide Walkthroughs?

Yes. Walkthroughs will be provided!

    1. Can I get discounts as a subscriber?

Yes. We are working with several companies to work out subscriber discounts.

  1.  How can I play an active part in the OSA community?

Be sure to read our blog posts and tips to offer page which is updated weekly. We invite guests each week to submit their content for their page and choose the best and most relevant submissions! Keep sending your feedback about the site and any ideas and we’ll be in touch!

-P.s Mods and community forums are being planned to be brought into enable future updates on the site

  1.  What kind of games do you cover?

Just about everything and anything.

  1.  Pepsi or Cola?   


  1.  Does the site use advertisements?

Yes in order to keep the blog running we often run ads on our site in order to cover costs for maintenance as well as upkeep. We do our upmost to ensure that all advertisements and content published on the site is relevant to it and meets our privacy guidelines.

  1.   Where can I find tips and tricks for video games

You can find a variety of different tips and tricks on our tips to offer page. In the near future we plan to add in a directory which can filter different categories of games so you can find the one that you would like to look for first.

  1.  What Is Gaming News?

Ah yes , Gaming News. Well Gaming News is basically news and events based on Gaming. This covers whats happening in the gaming world as well as events related to gaming which could have an effect on the industry.

  1.  What can we expect to see in future happen on the site?

That’s classified for now.

  1. How can I get better at online shooter games ?

In short, there’s no easy answer this one. Online shooters can be hectic and in some ways complex at the best of times. I’d suggest taking a look at some YouTube game play and tutorials online about the game you are playing. These can be really helpful and can open up a different perspective on how to go about playing that particular game.  As well as this try spending time playing in split screen mode with your friends testing different weapons and perks. This can help you in the long run as you may be better prepared having practised with your friends offline.