How Reupholstery Edinburgh Can Aid Your Game Play

What is Reupholstery

Reupholstery is the process of replacing fabric and padding on an old piece of furniture – usually a chair or a sofa – in order to restore it. Reupholstery is a great option if you don’t want to buy new and are looking to save a bit of money whilst restoring an old piece of furniture. Reupholstery Edinburgh is also a more sustainable method and can help save the planet!

reupholstery edinburgh

How Reupholstery Can Aid Your Game

Choosing a company to provide your gaming chair with reupholstery in Edinburgh can have a whole host of benefits for your gameplay, including;

Improved Comfort with Reupholstery Edinburgh

Ensuring comfort during your gameplay can be really beneficial. Increasing the quality of your chair and the reupholstery in it will help you ensure that you are on your A-game.

Better Posture

Getting new reupholstery in Edinburgh can help improve your posture. This can be beneficial in both gameplay and day-to-day life.

Improve Game Play

The more comfort you have the better your game play will be. If you are uncomfortable or start to get a sore back playing it may

Improved Spine and Back Health

Better posture can lead to improved spine and back health – which can help reduce the risk of long term back pain from gaming. Getting reupholstery in Edinburgh is a great investment into your future as you could save your back and spine in the long run.

Improved Concentration

Comfort can also help improve concentration whilst you’re playing. If you are uncomfortable you may be more focused on that, rather than the game. Especially if you play for long and consecutive hours.

Better Vision

Sitting in line with the screen can help give you proper vision while you’re playing. This can take a lot of pressure off your eyes and allow you to play for longer without the same strain. Reupholstery in Edinburgh allows you to put additional padding into furniture that may be currently worn down.


When you take a piece of furniture to a reupholsters in Edinburgh, they can adjust your seat to pretty much however you want (within reason of what the chair will allow.

Where Can I Get Reupholstery in Edinburgh

There are many places that you can get reupholstery in Edinburgh and many professional, high quality services out there. A reupholster will be able to give you advice on what will benefit your gaming chair and how much it will cost.

basement waterproofing

How I Built The Ultimate Gaming Room With Basement Waterproofing

Are you a serious gamer? Spend your spare time playing on Xbox or PS4 with your friends? Well if you have the space why not turn a room in your bachelor pad into a gaming room for you to hang out with friends or chill out on your own playing your favourite video game. With tips on basement waterproofing, interior design ideas and other tricks to transform your home.

Building Work & Basement Waterproofing

At first we got some electricians, plasterers and other maintenance building workers in to prepare the room. In my home the gaming room will be in my unused basement. We sometimes suffer from flooding problems so we hired Richardson & Starling to carry out some basement waterproofing to not only protect the room from flooding damage but also prevent potential fires – as there will be lots of cables and plug points.

Then some electricians came in and fitted more plug sockets around the room as well as fitting spot lights in the ceiling.

Plasterers were then hired to plaster up damage and holes in the wall as well as hide any hanging cables for safety and aesthetic reasons.

basement waterproofing

Interior Design Ideas

Once the building work was finished we were able to have creative freedom of design. We wanted the basement to look dark and cosy – the perfect environment for playing Fifa. The walls and ceiling were painted dark navy blue with dark coffee coloured wood flooring (easier to clean). We also bought a large dark brown leather couch as well as two lazy boy chairs for the ultimate comfort.

basement waterproofing

The Finishing Touches

Here is all the extra bits and bobs we purchased for the new gaming room:

  • Fridge: well we needed somewhere convenient to keep the beer and snacks
  • Lazy boy: have you seen Friends? Those comfy chairs that Joey & Chandler buy to watch TV – yeah we bought those!
  • Music speakers: because music solves everybody’s problems
  • 50″ LED Screen: a big TV for a big boys room
  • PS4 with extra controllers and head set: because this is where I can entertain friends as well as enjoy on my own
  • Pool Table & Darts board: because sometimes we need a break from gaming

The Big Reveal

After 8 long weeks, the room was finished! We decided to celebrate with the only way we know how – GAMING PARTY!!

I invited all my closest friends over to the new den, we drank beer, listened to music, talked about the premier league and obviously..we gamed!

cdisc adam

Gaming Creators Are Using Cdisc ADaM To Improve Experience

The video game industry has blown up in the last ten to twenty years. With technology improvements making it easier for game creators to invent a virtual universe that players can immerse themselves in. In order to improve upon the games, it is no secret that the marketers and creators gather data and feedback from consumers.

Here is how gaming creators are using cdisc adam to capture relevant data to improve upon user experience.

Target Marketing

The number one rule if you want to maximise sales and profits – segment your market and target your product to those who will be willing and wanting to purchase. Most games are targeted to children and young adults and the majority of players are male aged 8-28. You can use cdisc adam data set to collect all the data in a readable format. It ensure you make the correct decisions, create the correct strategies and therefore produce and excellent product, or game in this instance.

cdisc adam

In-Game Marketing

Video games are immersive and addictive to those who play them. The amount of time and detail it has taken to create these games which allows players to enter into an entire universe. In-game marketing began when advertisers recognised they could place adverts or products within the game, whether that is a car, clothing or food brand. The brands can pay a fee to the game company to include their product within the virtual world.

Marketers can then use the data gathered from how engaged gamers are with their brand.

In-Game Data Collection

Video Game creators now install a cookie on live play games that allows cdisc adam data set to collect data that shows, how long the gamer is playing, what time they are playing, what are they engaging with the most in the game and if and how many other players there playing with. They can also determine the location of the player and sometimes the age of the player. This means that creators can analyse these statistics and improve upon marketing tactics, price promotions, where to sell the game and what demographic to sell to. This ensure that they maximise potential profits and reduce wasted costs.