Captain Nintendo, Where is he Now?

I love classic nostalgia, especially when it comes to gaming. Recently when I was surfing through YouTube I came across a really classic. Does anyone remember Captain Nintendo? The whole premise is so hilarious. The dude was playing his Nintendo when he gets sucked into the TV screen and arrives in what they call, “Game Land”. Once there he is greeted by characters from classic games like Mega Man, Kid Icarus and Castlevania. One thing I always wondered about that show is why they never had Super Mario, maybe he was too goofy even for that goofy show? Anyway the video brought back some memories. I found the goons led by the evil mother brain from metroid to be fairly disturbing though. The boxer villain guy seems like he needs to where a bra!

This episode was cool though the Mother Brain goons were trying to steal Zelda’s Tri Force and had hatched a plot to trick the denizens of the game kingdom into going to a party. A party that of course invites Link and Zelda so that the High Rule thrown room would be unoccupied and safe for their grand theft tri-force. So the villains want to beat Ganon to the punch and start their evil agenda.

The plots in this piece are pretty hair-brained and goofy but what really cracks me up the most are the voices, especially those of mother brain and her henchmen. What the heck happened to mother brain anyway? Whenever I played Metroid the mother brain was a scary alien bio organism that spread its larvae. It was an insect like organism that did not speak, it especially wouldn’t have a voice like is displayed in this cartoon! So this show gave up some pretty goofy personas and characterization of classic Nintendo characters. I found this pretty interesting to see.