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We do encourage publicity! If you wish to link up to us and promote our ideas and products you are free to do so. Also if you feel you have something relevant to what we do here at Only Source Alliance Online  please feel free to submit that to us directly. All inquiries should be sent to our general mail box


Why We Advertise

In order to maintain the site and its content , we do need to raise funds in order to be able to maintain the website and cover maintenance costs. In addition to this advertisement revenue also goes towards the costs of hosting our gamerfried workshops as well as contributing to the costs involved for the E-sports prizes. Advertisers are an important part of our site and enable us to keep this site active without charging a fee for anyone to use it!

Our Values

When it comes to advertising we believe in transparency and openness and we welcome others who do the same. We will not take deals with advertisers who do not respect our community , content or values. Any advertiser we work with understands these principles and will not in any way bring the reputation of this site into disrepute. Furthermore advertisers we choose to use should be related to our website in some way and benefit our users. Advertisers should also be aware that unsolicited marketing targeted towards users of the website without prior consent will lead to the ads being pulled from our site.

Your Privacy

At OSA online we value your privacy and interaction with our community. If at any point you have an issue with any advertisements displayed on the site or feel your data is being harvested please contact us via our contact page ASAP and we will investigate. We take privacy and data protection seriously and more details can be found on our privacy policy page

Advertiser Friendly Content

Any Content available on OSA alliance online is moderated to ensure that all content is suitable for advertisers and is reader friendly. We ensure that our sources are accurate and never cur corners when it comes to accuracy and presentation. We pride ourselves in being an online platform for gaming by gamers. If you have an issue with any content that has been uploaded to the site you can make us aware via our contact page

Why Choose Us?

Advertising online has become an increasingly difficult and complex task in recent years as more and more companies have moved their services online. Increasingly consumers across the globe are looking for value for money as well as personalised and eye catching ads in order to meet their requirements. Only Source Alliance Online is an up and coming gaming blog site which hosts events across the US as well as competitions and online discussions. The exposure to the gaming community as well as feedback from the community is excellent. We provide an excellent flexible platform from which you can advertise your product or services.

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