Why Are Gamers Using Auto Follow Instagram Bots?

A growing trend amongst many pro-gamers and streamers within the gaming industry is the use of auto follow Instagram bots. These bots allow the users to automatically follow other users in order to increase their interaction and grow their overall number of followers. There has also been a spike and increase in the numbers of gamers and streamers using similar applications such as tik tok bot

Auto follow Instagram

Why Is Instagram Appealing To Gamers?

So one of the questions you might have at the moment is why is Instagram appealing to gamers? this is a fair question as typically and more commonly gamers and streamers tend to stick to sites such as Youtube and Twitch where they can stream their gameplay.

One of the big main reasons why Instagram is appealing to gamers is the number of people that follow gamers on Instagram. Increasingly many gaming fans as well as social media users are getting more involved in the gaming community.

Due to large numbers of these fans having Instagram this is providing an incentive for a growing number of streamers and gamers to join the platform. One of the most popular features is the Instagram story feature. Using this feature means that stories can be displayed for limited periods of time at the top of a profile and displayed in other users feeds.

Auto follow Instagram bots

What Makes An Instagram Bot Appealing To Gamers?

There are a number of different reasons as to why gamers are choosing to use auto follow Instagram bots. One of the main reasons why these bots are being used is the auto follow feature.

The auto follow feature allows people using the bot to follow multiple people at a time to grow their following and improve their interaction levels on Instagram. This is particularly important for streamers and gamers who are up and coming and looking to improve their overall following and audience.

Another key reason why these bots are becoming so attractive to gamers and streamers is the variety of features that they can offer. For example one major feature which is offered with the bot is post scheduling and auto posting. This feature allows Instagram posts to be made in advance and then scheduled to be posted at a later time or date.

This is a highly beneficial and useful feature for anyone that uses the application as it means that posts can be made well in advance and spread throughout the week. This is perfect for gamers to diversify their social media and what they post online.

What Are The Main Benefits To Using An Instagram Bot?

  • Greatly improved user Interaction and potential for growing an accounts following
  • Allows for scheduled posting and consistent posts which can be made in advance
  • Improved overall outreach and interaction with other users which can enhance following as well as posts interaction
  • Very affordable and easy to use
  • Variety of plans available allowing for multiple accounts to use the service if needed
  • Allows for accelerated growth for smaller accounts


Overall to conclude it is clear that the use of auto follow Instagram bots can greatly enhance the overall profile of a gamer or streamer on Instagram. This happens thanks to improved Interaction as well as additional tools to streamline and overall improve the Instagram experience.

Gaming News 2020

So far 2020 has been a huge year for games with a number of new releases as well as rumoured ones. Big name games and franchises such as Call of duty have been making good headway recently in the gaming market as increasing numbers of people purchase the game.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Yep , time to address the rather large elephant in the room , call of duty modern warfare. Call of duty modern warfare is the latest game in the call of duty series. Although confusingly it shares the same name as call of duty 4 ( call of duty modern warfare)

However call of duty 4 came out in 2007 whereas the latest game has been released in 2019. This is clear to see in the difference in the games size and scale. The new call of duty has a variety of guns /maps and general modes that dwarf that of call of duty 4. But without doubt both still make for very playable and highly entertaining games overall.

Many of you will be pleased to note the latest news contrasts with the reaction greeting the call of duty franchise in 2019. Sales figures have clearly indicated a rise in popularity in demand. Many across the community have also been praising developers Activison for their latest game.

Upcoming Game Releases

There are a number of upcoming game releases in the works that could make a significant overall difference to the gaming industry as a whole. One of the most anticipated releases expected to hit stores this year is Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 is a highly anticipated rpg through which players can explore a wasteland in single player or cooperative mode. One of the features which is adding to the anticipation for this game is something that is becoming more common amongst many rpgs.

This is the fact that each decision you make can directly influence the outcome of the story and what your character comes into contact with. This allows for much more dynamic and free flowing story. The game is expected to launch later this year and will be compatible with PC, Xbox one and ps4.

What Changes Can We Expect In 2020?

There are many changes which we can expect in 2020. One of the key changes which we can expect this year is a further drop in the price of new ps4 consoles. Thanks to several announcements and teasers for playstation 5 prices of the playstation 4 console have been falling steadily.

This means more gamers can access systems more affordably! However it is unclear how long ps4 support will be continued. Although having said this if playstation 2 is anything to go by it should be a fairly significant period of time!

So in 2020 we are expecting both the playstation 5 and xbox series x consoles to launch in the holiday period so likely between October and Christmas. Both consoles are shaping up to be titans within the industry so we will just have to wait and see come release day what they both have to offer. Many rumours have been circulating but details are likely to be confirmed in the summer.

Using Cheap WordPress Hosting For Gaming Blogs

Running a gaming blog isn’t actually as easy as it might seem. Around this I have to juggle my job , social life and also gaming time! but alas it is all good fun. One of the ways in which I can manage to balance all of these things is through the use of cheap WordPress hosting. Through this article ill talk through what exactly it is , how it works and other cool stuff I use to make sure this Blog stays the best it can be!


First off is WordPress. WordPress is basically a form of open source software which can be used to publish blogs as well as make websites and online forums. It also happens to be what I use to run this Blog! WordPress is currently one of the most popular if not the most popular website builder on the internet. It has tens of millions of downloads and over 30% of the internet use WordPress to customise and design their websites. What I like about WordPress is that there are thousands of different plugins and designs that you can use for free to design and customise your website. In addition to this its easy to find a nice variety of cheap WordPress hosting packages online to suit your individual needs.

cheap WordPress hosting

Cheap WordPress Hosting

Cheap WordPress hosting is probably one of the favourite features of my site! having a hosting service allows me to free up time for other activities and focus on mini projects as well as things outside of gaming. This is just one of the many perks I enjoy thanks to the use of cheap WordPress hosting. Another benefit which is provided by my WordPress hosting provider is enhanced security. Unfortunately from being on the internet for a fairly long time , I know well the risks that come with having a website and the vulnerabilities that hackers will relentlessly try to exploit. Having a WordPress hosting service active gives me better protection and security to leave me safe in the knowledge that my site is secure. If you are unsure of which hosting provider to use a website I found helpful was hosting watcher

cheap WordPress hosting

Making The Best Possible Website

So this brings me on to what I think makes the best possible website. Of course as we all know there is no set formula for what makes the best possible website otherwise all sites would be amazing! However Im going to do my best to give you some tips that have really helped out the site that I run. One of the most important and fundamental things that you should consider improving when working on your website is known as search engine optimisation a.k.a SEO.

SEO has a lot of different techniques that you can use but it is important to understand the basics first. SEO is what allows you to appear first in the search results on search engines. In order to improve your overall SEO a good method which I employed is link building. This involved building links through blogs , articles and other website which will link back to your website. This will improve your overall visibility and allow you to rank higher online.

Gaming In 2019

Gamers have come a very long way since the inception of gaming in the 1970s. We have seen gaming trends come and go , new consoles , PC gaming , fornite and millions upon millions of games produced. So where are we at in 2019? well in this article I will walk you through some of the new developments in the gaming world in 2019 as well as reflect on past changes and how things are for gamers in the present.


Yep, time to address the elephant in the room. For some the word provokes fear and dismay and for other’s pure joy. Regardless of whether you approve of john wick and the odd epic victory royale everyone is in agreement that fortnite completely shook up the gaming world and everyone in it. It broke numerous records for the amount of copies sold , number of people watching it being streamed and many other records. It was a huge success even from before the game had officially launched with millions around the world playing and supporting the game in its beta stages.

The popularity of the game was unprecedented and the fact that the base game was free to play aided its success. One of the results of fortnite’s success was other games copying their battle royale concept and adding it to their games to try and attract a similar audience. This has had limited success with Call of duty black ops 4 adding a battle royale mode known as blackout as well as standalone battle royale game Apex Legends proving popular.

One of the main questions that is asked by gaming critics and gamers alike is how was the game so successful? this is really down to a few things in my opinion. Clever marketing techniques coupled with a well designed and easy to play/use game with a simple concept and idea. Sometimes less is more. In fact , Epic games has made considerably more than many mainstream game developers through purely in-game purchases. Overall sharing of the game on social media as well as gaming networks helped to improve its overall success. Community incentives such as the well publicised “choose a fortnite dance move to go in the game” were very well received and also helped to push people towards the game.

Call Of Duty In 2019

The Call of duty community has been unsettled for a number of years after several games which under performed in both terms of sales as well as engagement with fans and overall ratings/satisfaction from gamers. One of the most notorious fails of the call of duty franchise was Call of duty infinite warfare. Call of duty infinite warfare was released at a time when gamers were already unhappy with the current way the series was going and wanted less futuristic type games and more modern and current day shooters with less spaceships. Infinite warfare completely disregarded this and as a result the backlash from the community was huge. The launch trailer racked up over 2 million dislikes in a matter of hours and for a time was the most disliked video on you tube. Unsurprisingly the game also flopped in terms of sales.

How Reupholstery Edinburgh Can Aid Your Game Play

What is Reupholstery

Reupholstery is the process of replacing fabric and padding on an old piece of furniture – usually a chair or a sofa – in order to restore it. Reupholstery is a great option if you don’t want to buy new and are looking to save a bit of money whilst restoring an old piece of furniture. Reupholstery Edinburgh is also a more sustainable method and can help save the planet!

reupholstery edinburgh

How Reupholstery Can Aid Your Game

Choosing a company to provide your gaming chair with reupholstery in Edinburgh can have a whole host of benefits for your gameplay, including;

Improved Comfort with Reupholstery Edinburgh

Ensuring comfort during your gameplay can be really beneficial. Increasing the quality of your chair and the reupholstery in it will help you ensure that you are on your A-game.

Better Posture

Getting new reupholstery in Edinburgh can help improve your posture. This can be beneficial in both gameplay and day-to-day life.

Improve Game Play

The more comfort you have the better your game play will be. If you are uncomfortable or start to get a sore back playing it may

Improved Spine and Back Health

Better posture can lead to improved spine and back health – which can help reduce the risk of long term back pain from gaming. Getting reupholstery in Edinburgh is a great investment into your future as you could save your back and spine in the long run.

Improved Concentration

Comfort can also help improve concentration whilst you’re playing. If you are uncomfortable you may be more focused on that, rather than the game. Especially if you play for long and consecutive hours.

Better Vision

Sitting in line with the screen can help give you proper vision while you’re playing. This can take a lot of pressure off your eyes and allow you to play for longer without the same strain. Reupholstery in Edinburgh allows you to put additional padding into furniture that may be currently worn down.


When you take a piece of furniture to a reupholsters in Edinburgh, they can adjust your seat to pretty much however you want (within reason of what the chair will allow.

Where Can I Get Reupholstery in Edinburgh

There are many places that you can get reupholstery in Edinburgh and many professional, high quality services out there. A reupholster will be able to give you advice on what will benefit your gaming chair and how much it will cost.

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Gaming News March 2019

Yes its here! Your guide to Gaming News and events in March of 2019

PlayStation Sale!

This month PlayStation network have launched a sale across their store, they are offering discounts on literally hundreds of games from different genres. Here are just a handful of the bigger names I recognised which you could grab for a pretty decent price:

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Dawn Zero Horizon
  • Borderlands 2
  • Witcher 3 Complete Edition
  • GTA V
  • Wolfenstein II the new order

Apex Legends- Battle Royale King?

And in other news, Apex Legends is the new kid on the block in the Battle Royal scene, but can it compete with the big guns such as Fortnite and player unknown Battlegrounds?

Within 8 hours of launch Apex Legends had gained over one MILLION players online. Is this a sign Apex is about to Rival the gaming giant that is Fortnite Battle Royale? Well , not necessarily. The developers of Apex have said that they deliberately withheld some details of the game and any hints at launch before launching it to ensure maximum impact and organic growth through the playerbase. At the moment Battle Royale is all the rage but it may not be long until we see a resurgence into other game types or online formats

Some of the key ingredients to Apex Legends success lie amongst the games it has taken inspiration from. Apex Legends incorporates features such as having a specific player class each based around different capabilities. E.g Medic , gunner etc. This contrasts from fortnite where you can change skins however the character traits of your character remain generic.

Another way in which Apex Legends Has made waves within the Gaming industry is by being free to download and play. This business model is actually pretty effective as companies such as epic games have found out. The customisation of characters and skins in game is a massive market and gaming companies have reported making more in-in game transactions in many cases than the base cost of the game on average per player! So its safe to say that free to play online games are pretty hot subjects for Gaming companies these days

Fallout 76 – Hit Or Miss?

For Bethesda it has not been an easy year, with a number of high profile games coming out and strong competition on all sides they had to come out guns blazing with their next publication. Fallout 76 is Bethesda’s latest addition to the Fallout series of games and has definitely caused some debate amongst gamers.

Since Launch Fallout 76 has been plagued with a plethora of seemingly never ending bugs , glitches and what seem to be haphazardly designed missions and maps pasted from fallout 4. Die hard Fallout fans are divided to small degree as to how “good” the game is but there is a resounding feeling of anger at Bethesda over the way they made this game and how much effort they put into it. Youtube is awash with game reviews mercilessly calling out and taking apart the developers for their lack of input , care and attention to the Fallout community and their expectations for Fallout 76

Ultimately Fallout 76 was a venture into the relatively unknown for Bethesda and was described by many as a DLC attempt rather than a game. Overwhelmingly the community has not given Bethesda a warm welcome when it comes to the latest Fallout Edition..

Guest post by Dan4679

basement waterproofing

How I Built The Ultimate Gaming Room With Basement Waterproofing

Are you a serious gamer? Spend your spare time playing on Xbox or PS4 with your friends? Well if you have the space why not turn a room in your bachelor pad into a gaming room for you to hang out with friends or chill out on your own playing your favourite video game. With tips on basement waterproofing, interior design ideas and other tricks to transform your home.

Building Work & Basement Waterproofing

At first we got some electricians, plasterers and other maintenance building workers in to prepare the room. In my home the gaming room will be in my unused basement. We sometimes suffer from flooding problems so we hired Richardson & Starling to carry out some basement waterproofing to not only protect the room from flooding damage but also prevent potential fires – as there will be lots of cables and plug points.

Then some electricians came in and fitted more plug sockets around the room as well as fitting spot lights in the ceiling.

Plasterers were then hired to plaster up damage and holes in the wall as well as hide any hanging cables for safety and aesthetic reasons.

basement waterproofing

Interior Design Ideas

Once the building work was finished we were able to have creative freedom of design. We wanted the basement to look dark and cosy – the perfect environment for playing Fifa. The walls and ceiling were painted dark navy blue with dark coffee coloured wood flooring (easier to clean). We also bought a large dark brown leather couch as well as two lazy boy chairs for the ultimate comfort.

basement waterproofing

The Finishing Touches

Here is all the extra bits and bobs we purchased for the new gaming room:

  • Fridge: well we needed somewhere convenient to keep the beer and snacks
  • Lazy boy: have you seen Friends? Those comfy chairs that Joey & Chandler buy to watch TV – yeah we bought those!
  • Music speakers: because music solves everybody’s problems
  • 50″ LED Screen: a big TV for a big boys room
  • PS4 with extra controllers and head set: because this is where I can entertain friends as well as enjoy on my own
  • Pool Table & Darts board: because sometimes we need a break from gaming

The Big Reveal

After 8 long weeks, the room was finished! We decided to celebrate with the only way we know how – GAMING PARTY!!

I invited all my closest friends over to the new den, we drank beer, listened to music, talked about the premier league and obviously..we gamed!

basement waterproofing

Scientists Say Gamers Are More Intelligent

When you think about video gamers what do you think of?

  • Quiet
  • Introverted
  • Shy
  • Lazy

Gamers are widely known as those who just sit inside on sunny days, alone, spending hours playing on their console not talking to anyone. However a study at East Carolina University found that video gamers are far more intelligent. Here is how:

Stress Levels

The study revealed that playing video games actually makes people feel less stressed. It allows people to switch off from daily worries and blow off some steam.

While others may choose to de-stress by watching TV, scrolling through social media, socialising and drinking with friends or binge eating – video gamers already know how to switch off and de stress. As games have progressed, you can now connect with friends through microphones and play against each other from the comfort of your own home.


The studied also revealed that gamers, especially those who have played video games from a young age, are more creative. From school age, gamers have been shown to be more artistic and creative in their artwork and creative writing. Another benefit that was shown was that children learn the skills on how to overcome challenges and obstacles fro an early age due to their creative advancements.

This skill of creativity actually means those who play video games can build upon relationships much easier than those who don’t.

Games also teach children from an early age that if you fail then you can try again rather than give up.

Numbers Games

In terms of statistics and figures, the study revealed that gamers are 20% smarter than those who don’t play games. Their personality trait of always being curious, finding new technologies, asking questions. This is another skills that leads them to be smarter.

Tips for Storing Video Games with Self Storage Kirkintilloch

Temperature Control and Weatherproof

When opting for self storage in Kirkintilloch to store your video games, it’s essential to ensure that the containers that you will be using are temperature controlled and weather proofed. You may not think this matters too much but excessive hot and cold temperatures can damage electronics. Weatherproofing will also help ensure that no water or damp gets into the self storage unit, which can also cause major damage. You may be able to check the manufacturers recommendations on the ideal storage temperature to help you out.

Organise Chords

When putting video games and consoles into self storage in Kirkintilloch it’s important to ensure that everything is properly packed and stored. There is nothing worse than losing something, such as a chord for a controller or console. Ensuring that everything is packed into the right box prior to opting for self storage in Kirkintilloch is a sure fire way of helping ensure that you stay organised.


It’s essential to keep in mind that your gaming equipment may not be the only thing in your storage unit. It cannot always be helped and even the best self storage facilities may run into issues like this once in a while. The best way to ensure that no pests of any kind come into contact with your precious equipment is so ensure that there are absolutely no food products in any of the boxes and this can include something as tiny as crumbs! One of the best ways of preventing pests is to use a plastic container, rather than cardboard boxes and make sure that the lid is fitted.

Avoid Scratching Disks

Due to all the moving about, it is important to maintain the integrity of your disks and help ensure that they don’t get scratched in transit. The best way to do this is to ensure that all disks are kept in their original case, where possible. If when getting things ready for self storage in Kirkintilloch you realise that you are missing some of the original casing, don’t worry, there are a few things that you can do. You can either buy empty DVD cases or buy a folder with sleeves specially designed to hold disks. No matter what your budget, you can find a solution that works for you.

Clear Out Carefully

When clearing out anything, it’s important to carefully check what you are throwing out and what you are keeping. Especially with video game consoles and accessories – you don’t want to end up throwing out something that you may end up needing.

You may also need to be brutal with your choices of what you are keeping and what you are throwing out. Self storage in Kirkintilloch is generally priced by the size of storage container – as well as length of use. But you don’t want to end up paying over the odds if realistically you may not use some items again or if some items are worthless.

In Game Photography – Capturing a Virtual World

in game photography

The art of photography in the real world is a practice with decades of history and it is concerned with capturing meaningful and beautiful images from our physical surroundings. However, what about documenting the beauty within the myriad virtual worlds that exist within video games?

This imagined world of pixels is being captured by a number of talented photographers who travel the in-game environment searching for striking images – and some of the results of these photographic virtual explorations are simply gorgeous.

One of the biggest names in in-game photography is Duncan Harris, an English games journalist who operates the website DeadEndThrills. He captures truly stunning images of popular games, including Skyrim and Dishonored. He likens his art practice to that of still photography in movie production and his images are often used by the game companies in their promotional materials.

Another notable in-game photographer is James Pollock, a graphic design student in Bath, England who showcases his photography on his blog, Virtual Geographic. His style is very different than Harris’s photography, as he takes photos of his TV set with an iPod and uses apps such as Hipstamatic and Instagram to add filters and effects.

Other video game photographers include John Paul Bichard, Kent Sheely and Robert Overweg, each one experimenting with their artistic vision and finding their own unique way of capturing the virtual reality. For more info on this, please see the trick photography tutorials here.

The virtual worlds within video games have been lovingly constructed by game developers but most gamers are so immersed in their missions that they don’t often take the time to soak in the details. These photographers are seeing the videogame landscape in a new way and are finding beauty within these fictional places.

The art of in-game photography is only newly emerging, but as technology develops and virtual game worlds become even more realistic, detailed and artistic, there is certain to be more photographers who strive to capture striking scenes within their favorite games.